Revelli, specialized in the distribution of fresh food, almost exclusively deals with high quality products from small and medium-sized producers located in different italian regions.


The range extends to all dairy products, mainly produced in center-southern Italy and islands: ricotta, mozzarella, pecorini, many PDO cheeses and so on. In addition, the assortment includes Ligurian pesto made with genovese basil PDO.


Revelli daily supplies mass retailers, confectioneries, shops, workshops and street markets in Milan. The company also works on behalf of producers tailoring the service to the needs of customers/producers.


The company had created and owns diverse brands among which Bacio di Luna and Ricotta Toscana. Click on "our brands" to watch them all.


Revelli was founded in the thirties of the last century by Giovanni Revelli who migrated from his piedmontese town Roccavione (CN) to Milan. In the beginning he sold cheeses, mainly Ricotta coming from his valleys. After some years he became a wholesaler specialized in ricotte and hard cheeses like pecorini, almost unknown in nothern Italy at that time. In those years goods reached Milan by railway on wagons refrigerated by ice sheets. Deliveries to shops and street markets took place on handcarts and bicycles.

In the post-war period Giovanni resumed his wholesaler activity assisted by his wife Maria, who also migrated from Roaschia (CN) to Milan. In the fifties their two sons joined the company. In that period motorization was taking place, thus bicycles were replaced with the Lambretta, motorcycles and later on with the Bianchina car. In the following decade light trucks replaced the famous Bianchina.

In the sixties Revelli became supplier of the first retailers. The assortment remained almost unchanged till the end of the seventies. From that moment on new products, mainly fresh and belonging to italian productions, entered the assortment that today counts approximately 400 products.

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